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Lise Huber- Vocals
Johannes Specht- Guitar
Konstantin Kräutler: Drums
Oliver Steger: Bass


"I would call myself a searcher. Searching for comfort in - as it happened to be: the field of music. Speaking of my own lyrics and compositions, they always seem to be something given. The material always kindly asks for devotement throughout which I am given the chance to explore life from that very special angle of the room. Here is where imagination comes in to play."

Lise is a charismatic Singer and she does great lyriccomposing with S.O.D.A.

„My own music can be described as an ecclectic mix of guitar-oriented music with electronical and other influences. It is very cinematic music, borrowing from different genres of music while trying to retaining style and taste.“

Johannes is a master of sound and soloing: can´t stop listening to his way of playing the guitar.

Despite his young age Konstantin Kräutler looks back on a long musical past. He plays concerts in different countries like France, Belgium, Bosnia or Switzerland. He is influenced by modern styles of Jazz and through experiences with classical music in earlier years.

O. ist the bass player, composer and inventor of S.O.D.A. He also writes and composes musical childbooks and works as a bass playing sideman.